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Boiler Feed Pumps Details

A Veer Boiler Feed Pump is a type of Centrifugal Pump used to supply water to a steam boiler, typically in power plants or industrial facilities. Its primary function is to deliver feedwater at high pressure and flow rate to the boiler to ensure efficient steam generation.


  • Boiler feed pumps are specifically designed to provide a consistent and pressurized supply of water to a boiler, helping to maintain the proper water levels and ensure efficient heat transfer for steam generation.

Type of Pump:

  • Boiler feed pumps are often multistage centrifugal pumps, meaning they have multiple impellers arranged in series. The multistage design allows for increased pressure, which is crucial for delivering water to the high-pressure boiler.

Key Components:

  • Impellers: The rotating blades that impart kinetic energy to the water.
  • Casing/Volute: The housing that surrounds the impellers and directs the flow of water through the pump.
  • Shaft: Connects the impellers to the motor or driver.
  • Bearing and Seals: Support the shaft and prevent water leakage.
  • Inlet and Outlet Ports: Where water enters and exits the pump.

High Pressure and Flow Rate:

  • Boiler feed pumps must generate high pressure to overcome the boiler's operating pressure. They also need to provide a sufficient flow rate to meet the boiler's demand for water.

Application in Power Plants:

  • Boiler feed pumps play a critical role in power generation by supplying water to boilers, where it is heated to produce steam that drives turbines and generates electricity.

Operation in Industrial Processes:

  • Boiler feed pumps are also used in various industrial applications beyond power generation, such as in manufacturing processes that require high-temperature steam.

Construction Materials:

  • Materials used in the construction of boiler feed pumps must be corrosion-resistant and able to withstand high temperatures. Common materials include stainless steel and other alloys.

Feedwater Treatment:

  • Boiler feed pumps are often integrated with feedwater treatment systems to ensure the water delivered to the boiler is free from impurities that could cause scaling, corrosion, or other issues.

Variable Speed Drives:

  • Some modern boiler feed pumps may be equipped with variable speed drives to optimize energy efficiency by adjusting the pump speed based on demand.

Monitoring and Safety:

  • Boiler feed pumps are equipped with monitoring systems to ensure proper operation. Safety features are implemented to protect against issues such as low water levels or pump failures.

Regular Maintenance:

  • Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of boiler feed pumps. This includes checking and lubricating bearings, inspecting seals, and monitoring for any signs of wear or damage.

Boiler feed pumps are crucial components in steam generation systems, providing the necessary water supply to maintain optimal boiler performance and ensure the overall efficiency of power plants and industrial processes.


  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Condensate Handling
  • Water Works
  • Sprinkling & Irrigation Installations
  • Fire Fighting
  • For Generation of High Pressure Water
  • For Hydraulic Press
  • Cooling & Circulation Water
  • Transfer for Liquid Contain Gas
  • Chemical Transfer


Pump Size25 mm to 50 mm
CapacityUp to 20 M³/Hr
HeadUp to 270 bar
TemperatureUp to +60 °C
RPMUp to 1450 RPM


Suction CasingC.I. Gr. / S.S. / Bronze
Discharge CasingC.I. Gr. / S.S. / Bronze
Stage CasingC.I. Gr. / S.S. / Bronze
ImpellerBronze / S.S.
ShaftAISI 410 / 304 / 316
Bearing HousingC.I. Gr.

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